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John Ferguson Smart has written a great open source book covering the Hudson CI tool, a great resource for anyone using Hudson. The book is available online here:

Also found out today that hudson will soon be renamed “Jenkins” due to ORACLE claiming the name Hudson (http://www.hudson-labs.org/content/hudsons-future)


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I’ve been a fan of JodaTime since I first used it a year ago. Finally a replacement to Java’s internal date and time api, a replacement that makes it really easy to work with dates, times and intervals in Java code.

One of the hidden features in the API which I only recently found is the ability to use a fixed time stamp for all DateTime instantiations. Simply callĀ setCurrentMillisFixed(long) and any new DateTime() objects will use a fixed timestamp. This is a great feature which I use often in test cases to create a predictable time.

Thanks Stephen C and the rest of the Joda team for a great API!

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